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Change, please.

Brooks and I frequent local coffee shops to produce a lot of our work. We’re sadly finding many of these shops don’t attract clientele like they used to. In fact, we recently discovered a five-year-old photo of the interior of one of these shops, and nothing has changed. Zilch.

It’s too often I find business owners becoming comfortable. Typically, a business can’t grow, or even survive, without CHANGE. Change defies the state of comfort. Comfort can be healthy if practiced occasionally as a method of recharge in a stressful season, however, the most successful individuals I acquaint myself with rarely rest in a state of comfort.

We all need to make changes to our businesses to make our clients feel good, even if the change simply prompts a subliminal recognition. Culture and technology are changing more rapidly than ever before. It’s imperative we embrace change to stay relevant and grow our businesses.

Stay awesome,