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Online logo tools are not the solution.

Have you ever used an online logo maker? There are a multitude of user-friendly tools across the web to create a logo for your business. Despite their usability, pricing, and gratification, they are not the answer.

Here are some issues with online logo makers:

  1. Lack of creative flexibility

  2. Have very limited font options

  3. No means of copyright or trademark

  4. Likelihood of crossing other organizations’ designs

  5. The user does not understand complex design trends

Number four is probably the largest pet peeve of mine as a creative designer. I took it upon myself to visit a logo maker site, and in under five minutes of my visit I came across these designs:

Logo 3.png
logo 1.png
Logo 2.png

Looking at those designs, my mind immediately reminisced these companies:


A well designed logo is simply unique, has elements that represent the company’s vision, and is easily able to build community recognition.

You’ll notice the brands in our portfolio are all unique, and they give off a professional and confident energy. Our brands are also identifiable if they’re displayed without the word marks.

Here’s the lesson: invest in your company’s identity. You’ll build a subliminal trust with your prospects / clients. The cost of a professionally designed logo amortized over a period of five years is close to nothing compared to the ROI you’ll receive!

Happy investing,