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America's Breakroom—Color


Color Explanation & Exploration

Proposed Colors — light & easy; trend-setting

Breakroom Color Studies_1.png

Although the color palette is restrained, it does possess bright qualities—especially the red. Warm natural tones are used in support and help convey America’s Breakroom as a healthy choice for businesses. Airbnb uses a similar red in their branding.

Breakroom Color Studies_1 support.png

option 2 — fit; bold

Breakroom Color Studies_2.png

This option focuses on using a strong red as a primary color and supporting it with silvers and grays. Red and white allow for high contrast and bold presentation.

Breakroom Color Studies_2 support.png

Option 3 — Corporate; Conventional

Breakroom Color Studies_3.png

Option 3 keeps the original red, but swaps out the blue for a more traditional light blue. A darker blue with medium and light grays would be used as supporting colors with white being used in abundance. Volkswagen is a good example of this concept.

Breakroom Color Studies_3 support.png

Option 4 — Playful; Daring

Breakroom Color Studies_4.png

This option is anything but traditional, but companies like Spotify, Vitamin Water, and Dropbox are using this variable style to great effect. The earliest explorations of the America’s Breakroom brand included similar bold, colorful, and interchangeable colors. In this case, the red, white, and blue would remain consistent with a highlight color always present behind. This provides flexibility and energy to the brand. It’s effectively eye-catching and built for the digital world. Extend this design to trucks, and you’ll have a highly distinguished look on the urban streets.

Breakroom Color Studies_4 support.png