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America's Breakroom—Logos


Primary Logos






Apple vs. Apple + Mug

A good logo is memorable and scalable.

The more elements added to a logo, the less memorable and less scalable a logo gets. Aiming for simplicity is a good rule of thumb to ensure these two essentials are met.

Limiting the amount of information a viewer takes in increases memorability. The singular icon on the flag is more quickly recognizable and will be easier to recall. Additionally, when scaled down to its smallest size and limited to one color, the apple icon by itself will remain more easily identifiable.

AB_icon comparison.png
AB_icon comparison 2.png

Brand System

The brand can be expandable to have several sub-logos that contain other icons based on Breakroom’s offerings, developing a cohesive design system. For example, the mug could appear by itself to advertise coffee and tea distributed through America’s Breakroom. An apple as the primary icon keeps the mark uncomplicated and more clearly communicates the main function of America’s Breakroom—fruit delivery.